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RE: [IP] Type 2 and pumps

Hi.   I have been really getting educated on pumps and patients by joining this list.   I just wanted to share with you that I personally am not classified as a true type "1" nor am I a true type II.   I take 5 500 mgm Metformin tablets daily as well as being on Velosulin Insulin  through a Disetronic pump.   I understand that there is quite a bit of talk around the benefits of "Type 2" diabetics benefiting from the pump because their bodies would be receiving insulin more often.    A lot of type 2 diabetics are very insulin resistant and the pump along with an oral medication like metformin may be the answer for a lot of people.   I know it worked for me.   I was taking 90 units of regular insulin a day (4 shots) and then using anywhere from 20-30 units of Lente at Bedtime.
I suffered from severe hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia.
My A1C the day I was put on the pump was 22 mmol.   I have achieved an A1C of 6.5 mmol consistently over the last 18 months.   I never intend to go back.   My doctor tried every possible oral medication regiment, every possible insulin regiment and finally resigned ourselves to a pump.   The pump should have been a first choice not the last.    By the way my fasting BG the day I was put on the pump was 33 mmol.   
Good luck with your site.   I would be please if you visited mine.
Look forward to reading more.

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A guy with type 2 read my pump web page and is interested in going on a
pump.  However, his doctor told him pumps are strictly for type 1, even
though he is on 3-4 shots of R+UL a day.  I think there are some type 2
pumpers out there so if anyone is willing to share their experiences, as
well as the fact that pumps can be used for type 2, please e-mail me and I
will pass everything along.


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pump, 14 years

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