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Re: [IP] rough road

Randall wrote:
> This happens on the pump and on MDI.  It used to hit me on MDI - all of a sudden I'd have to 
> change the ratios for meals and alter the dosage of Ultralente.  It wasn't too much of a 
> surprise when I discovered that the pump doesn't make "weird body" syndrome go away.  I'm right in 
> the middle of a shift now - since Christmas I've been having to adjust my basal rates and ratios 
> drastically.  It's another one of those annoying things that many "medical professionals" don't 
> admit ever happens.  There are many things that can contribute to this, including a change in body 
> weight, activity level, infections, stress, and all the other usual suspects.  
> Randall P. Winchester

I also find that the change of the seasons, and major shifts in weather
conditions, will change my basal requirements. It generally goes up in
hot weather and down in cold weather.

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