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Re: [IP] Slow pump clock

At 08:38 AM 1/6/1999  Randall Winchester wrote:
> As long as the 
>drift isn't several minutes a day then things are considered acceptable.  Of 
>course, you could go 
>out and buy a four-thousand dollar Rolex Chronometer...  they will stay 
>accurate to within a few 
>seconds a month and the drift is documented. 

Of course, some of us are just dumb and lucky... I have a cheap Timex watch
that doesn't lose more than a few seconds a year. Just like my MM507, it
takes a licking and keeps on ticking.  :-)

I use a program called Tardis that will auto-correct my computer clock to
the national standard atomic clock (same standard as WWV). I then check my
wrist-watch against the computer. However, I only go around correcting the
time on the clocks around the house twice a year, when we change from
Standard to Daylight Savings and vice versa. If my microwave is a couple of
minutes off, it's not going to burn my toast or anything. Right? <grin>

(If time is of the essence, why don't we have more of it??)

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