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Re: [IP] A Mish mash of things...long

> 6.  John Neale:  did you survive the honeymoon?  congrats

Sara, HI! Yes I did, thank you ;-) We have just got back, and like you
I'm "speed-reading" through the digests of the last week or two...

The wedding on 30 Dec was a dream come true... mothers weeping, Julia's
father breaking down in his short speech... who said the Brits don't
show their emotions? And the weather was spectacular: one of those
bright crisp days with a deep blue sky. The beauty of a winter wedding
is that you've no right to expect good weather, so the only surprise it
can spring is a good one!

I'm ashamed to say that the night before the wedding I went out on a
stag-night with my male friends and got badly drunk. (Stop tutting
please, Janine.) My best-man managed to rip out my infusion set by
mistake whilst getting me into my bed at the hotel we'd checked into...
how I managed to get a new set in I don't know. Practice I suppose. But
the next morning bg and infusion set were just fine (which is more than
can be said for me)

We've had a fantastic week in Paris and my bg's have been all over the
place. Change of diet, change of food, change of routine and activity
levels, uncomfortable bed, central heating too hot, stress, lack of
stress, too much sleep, too little sleep, fighting off flu (Julia
succombed)... you name it. They're all suspects. I think the fighting
off flu was the main culprit, but when you've got a constantly moving
target, with everyday day and every meal different, it's hard to pin
down new basals. I would wake in the night with a bg of 250, bolus it
down, but be loathe to up the basal the following night in case I had a
bad hypo instead. C'est la vie...

Fran: you were complaining that your bg's have suddenly gone haywire.
I'm thankful for the times when things are predictable (that's most of
the time), but when they're not predictable, well, that's diabetes for
you. The body will often just do its own thing. You can look for
reasons, and not always find them.

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