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[IP] Re:Diet Coke Issues

To all:

I have been reading the recent postings regarding various waitstaff and
fast food clerks making comments about people, kids, people with diabetes
ordering diet sodas.  As someone elase previously posted, I find it very
out of place for any waitstaff to comment on what is ordered.  That would
definitely decrease their tip with me!!!. 

In today society, many people find it quite necessary to comment on things
pertaining to weight issues.  My relatives, have recently told me that I
look like I have lost a few pounds.  When I calmly state that I have been
exactly the same weight since being on the pump they act quite shocked and
say things like "Oh, I was sure you looked thinner"  To me, I can never
figure out why this always comes out of others mouths like a compliment.  I
am not overweight, I am perfectly happy with my weight and I do not want to
lose any weight.  I think society in general has an obsession with weight
and the only acceptable weight to be is under weight.  Frankly, I sort of
find those sorts of comments rude.

As for the diet coke thing, I would think that with the excessive amount of
sugar that all Americans (and Canadians) consume, that any individual
ordering a diet pop is not out of the ordinary.  Lucky for the waitstaff in
Canada, I have not received this comment - or is it just the softspoken
nature of all Canadians ;).

The health of most people could benefit greatly from reducing their sugar
intake.  Perhaps the waiters in question should consume some diet coke. 
The regular stuff that they are so anxiously trying to sell is obviously
affecting their manners.  They should mind their place.

Just my .02 cents worth

in Niagara Falls, Canada

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