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Re: [IP] Slow pump clock

On  5 Jan 99 at 21:28, LBE FSD wrote:

> Has anyone else noticed that their clock is "slow"?  Mine loses about 3
> minutes a month.  This is not a really big deal -- except I am a bit
> concerned that it could be indicative of other faults.
> Take care,
> Lori

Most wristwatches, clocks, vcr's etc will loose or gain time.  Computer clocks are extremely bad 
about loosing or gaining time - early models could lose a couple of minutes a day or more if you 
were using the disk drive frequently.  About once a month I set my watch from WWV (standard time) 
and then go through the house setting all the clocks, vcr, microwave...  the oscillators that these 
devices use to keep time are temperature sensitive and they also will shift slightly as they age.  
The shift will cause a change in the rate that they drift away from "real" time.    As long as the 
drift isn't several minutes a day then things are considered acceptable.  Of course, you could go 
out and buy a four-thousand dollar Rolex Chronometer...  they will stay accurate to within a few 
seconds a month and the drift is documented. 

It's not anything to be worried about, just a normal consequence of low cost technology...

Randall P. Winchester
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