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Re: [IP] rough road

Yes! I started a pump when I was 15 and am now 32.  This happens periodically --
sometimes once every year or six months, sometimes longer.  You almost have to
start re doing rates from scratch each time.  I think its important to remember
that you will never be done figuring out how your insulin doses work -- that your
will continually be working on it in small ways and periodically working on it in
big ways.  The advantage, though, is that each time you start over, you will find
that you understand a little bit more about what you are trying to do.  Over time,
activity, life style, your body's metabolism, stress all keep changing -- these
seem to be some of the factors that call for recalibrating.

Good luck,


email @ redacted wrote:

> Just wondering - is it normal to all of a sudden hit rough patches in the road
> when pumping? My daughter, 12, has been pumping very well since June '98. Now,
> for the last 4 weeks she seems to be going berserk (her #'s that is!). At 1st
> I thought it was hormones, but not 4 weeks worth. She's had more highs with
> ketones in the last 4 weeks than her 2 3/4 yrs. of d. Not getting action fast
> enough from her CDE, but I do have a call in (again) to them. Did any of you
> find that suddenly you needed to redo all your basals, insulin-carb ratio or
> refigure your insulin sensitivity? I know pumping is an ever changing process,
> just didn't expect this sudden and drastic situation.
> Thanks for any helpful words you have to offer!
> Sue Tappendorf (Sue from IL)
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