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[IP] Coming Down From High

Many thanks to all of you who responded to my email on Monday.  I wanted
to send something out yesterday, but it got rather crazy and I didn't
get around to it.  Anyway, on Monday night I went home from work threw
out another bottle, basically threw everything out ( except the pump of
course ) and started from scratch.  I also changed body locations.  I
still woke up a little high on Tuesday, but finally around 8:00 a.m. I
was back to my "normal".  :-)  Maybe it was a combination of things.  I
had been off from work for 10 tens and was totally out of my routine, so
that could have been part of it.  Oh, well as we all know I will never
know the exact cause of it.

I was touched by the responses and the true concern I felt from the
people on this list.  That felt awesome, so thank you so much.  I am so
grateful to have such a great support system.

I also called Lily about the electric blanket and Lispro.  They said
they had never had a report of any problems but that if the Lispro got
above 87 degrees it would most likely go bad.  I have continued using
the blanket to heat up my bed and while I am reading at night.  I have
not run into any problems but I am also being careful or more cautious
that the pump, tubing, etc.. is not immediately being hit with the
electric blanket.  I wish I could give it up, but I really hate being
cold and so do my feet! :-)

Thanks again to everyone,

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