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Re[IP] Coming down from high and Lispro

Now Bob, that is really weird!  You mean just popping off  the cap of a new
bottle makes it degrade faster?  How does the insulin know?  Or is it
sticking a sterile needle into the rubber?   I think maybe that that
pharmacist might have been doing some experimenting with some of the stuff
on his shelves prior to talking with you *S*.  Or maybe he was having a

<<<<<<<From: Bob Burnett <email @ redacted>
During one of my conversations with Eli Lilly's pharmacists, I was told
that Lispro (Humalog) has a shelf life of X days at a particular
temperature if *unopened*, and a different (albeit slightly different)
shelf life at the same temperature if *opened*. As I recall, further
mention was made of a higher temperature tolerance / longer shelf life if
the insulin was unopened, compared to an open bottle. (probably saying the
same thing in two different ways).
I simply noted it in my list of things to think about if control gets weird.
Bob Burnett>>>>>>>>>>>


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