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Re: [IP] rough road

> Just wondering - is it normal to all of a sudden hit rough patches
> in the road when pumping? My daughter, 12, has been pumping very
> well since June '98. Now, for the last 4 weeks she seems to be going
> berserk (her #'s that is!). At 1st I thought it was hormones, but
> not 4 weeks worth. She's had more highs with ketones in the last 4
> weeks than her 2 3/4 yrs. of d.

You should expect occassional BIG changes in basal requirements for 
adolescents. They may be permanent or may go back somewhat after a 
few weeks, but they will probably remain higher. Time to profile her 
basal requirements again. We have to do this periodically for Lily 
for the same reason.

> Not getting action fast enough from
> her CDE, but I do have a call in (again) to them. Did any of you
> find that suddenly you needed to redo all your basals, insulin-carb
> ratio or refigure your insulin sensitivity? I know pumping is an
> ever changing process, just didn't expect this sudden and drastic
> situation.

Michael <email @ redacted>
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