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Re: [IP] Slow pump clock

At 07:28 PM 1/5/1999  LBE FSD wrote:
>Has anyone else noticed that their clock is "slow"?  Mine loses about 3
>minutes a month.  This is not a really big deal -- except I am a bit
>concerned that it could be indicative of other faults.
>Take care,

Computer clocks are notoriously inaccurate. In fact I often use a program
that will adjust my computer clock to the standard atomic clock. Since the
pump has a small computer inside, don't expect the pump clock to be any
more accurate than any other computer-type of device... I don't think it is
an indicator of any other problems. My wrist-watch is usually much more
time-worthy than any normal computer. Of course, there are always plenty of

BTW, my MM507 runs a little bit fast... I just set it back by 3 minutes. I
can't recall when I last adjusted it. 


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