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[IP] A Mish mash of things...long

OK I am  back..welcome to al the new people...happy holidays and all that
jazz...congrats to all of you who had never experienced eating dessert on
Chrismtas, or for those of you who HAD, congrats on not having to worry about
having a blood sugar of 400 3 hours after the cheesecake..(now you know the
fat in it will cause your sugar to go up 5 hours later, but that is a
different story...)

ANYWAY...I have been slogging through th digests and have a few comments:

1.  Glasses:  I got glasses about 2 months before i was diagnosed with
diabetes at age 10 1/2.  My prescription for nearsightedness had changed very
little since then, until the vitrectomy in my left eye...now that eye is far
sighted and needs a bi-focal.  My right eye is still near sighted, but since
it is filled with blood AGAIN, the glasses don't help.  As for seeing little
lights when low.., someone said their doctor said this was nothing he had ever
heard of before...THIS IS ACTUALLY VERY COMMON!!  They are called "flashers"
and every doctor I have ever seen since age 10 1/2 asked if I ever saw
"flashers" or "floaters" - I liked the way Kayla described them!

2.  Fireside with the pump...well, if it is just me, I put the pump on the
back on my waistband...that way I can get as close as I wanna without worrying
about melting the plastic on the case, or cooking the insulin...In my dreams
however, I am on a bear skin rug with some cute boy...and since I am not
wearing any clothes, he pump has been disnnected and put on a shelf out of the
way...I'll bolus as needed when I hook back up

3.  Freezing the insulin.  Since I was BAKING on the beach in FL for the last
week I can't comment on the freezing part..also since I tend to keep my pump
on the inside of my coat when I am outside, and hte tubing down my pants, it
stays at least at body temperature.  In my "vast" experience as a tan-orexic,
I have found that sun bathing has little effect on my pump or the insulin.  Of
course I use good old reliable, stable Velosulin - YMMV with Humalog.

4.  Profile of  Jane Palmer
please please please be careful not to aim for too strict of control for your
daughter!!!  Growing kids need to NOT have their systems deprived of sugar and
low blood sugars in a developing child can have adverse effects!!!!!  Be
realistic in your goals and make sure your doctor is a both a PEDIATRICIAN and
a DIABETES specialist...80-120 may be ok for a grown person with no brain
cellls left to grow, but that number may be too low for a kid...  While i
agree that the feeling of freedom is tremendous, I don't think an A1c of 7.8
is THAT bad!!!  Having been on the pump for 6 years, I like knowing I can
control all this stuff...but Isure dont want to have to think about it from
"minute to minute ."  Congrats to you and your daughter for getting the
pump...she will LOVE it, and so will you!!!

5:  reusing insulin left over in reservoir...When you are down to where you
need to add more insulin, just disconnect the tubing, screw on the little
needle that originally came on it and either shoot hte insulin back into the
vial before drawingout your next 300 units, or just shoot in some air and ADD
insulin to what is already there...ALSO, before you disconnect the tubing,
draw back on the syringe and pull back in the insulin that is in the tubing.
I fyou use the 43" tubing, this can be a substantial amount!!!

6.  John Neal:  did you survive the honeymoon?  congrats

7.  Julie Britt - looking for help with training on pump:  Contact Gerri
Fernald at 1-800-785-4059. She works for Minimedand may be able to refer you
to a trainer in your area.  She is in Ft. Lauderdale and though she is NOT a
CDE as I htought, she is the one who trained me...I went straight to insulin
with no problems.  As long as you are checkingyour sugars often, you can catch
yourself if youare going high or low.

you write:
> I'm worried that I'll have to deal with the pump and my diabetes, in
> to moving back, taking classes and studying, a part time job, and seeing 
> a shrink.  I don't want to end up with low grades because of it.  

So maybe wait til all the school stuff is under control and then find a
trainer at school.  Ask your doctor for a name or  call Minimed or Disetronic
DIRECTLY for hte name of the rep in the area where you go to school.  Watch
the video 10 times and you will be a pro...get PUMPING INSULIN and you will be
a REAL pro...

you write:
> I could feasibly stay here at my parents' house and get a full-time job, 
> but i'd miss a semester of school.  

GO BACK TO SCHOOL!  get school and life organized then find the trainer!!!

8.  ROD!!!!  So good to hear your voice!!!!!  You are always in what passes
for prayers for me!!!  Keep hanging tough!

9.  Michelle Rand, Janine Shea and Debbie Scales...you still there?  I miss
talking to you guys! 

10. a reminder to you newbies NOT TO COPY THE ENTIRE POST that you responding
to - just a few snips are sufficient.  also PLEASE CHECK YOUR SUBJECT LINE.
"RE: [IP] Insullin Pmpers Digest 409" is NOT an appropriate Subject line

11.  re headaches:  Since my work gives me such headaches anyway, and since my
good eye is filled with blood and my bad eye needs a bi-focal which I havent
had time to get...I can't always tell exactly why I have a headache...BUT if I
am really low...I know I can look forward to the added bonus of that kind of
head ache, in addition to the eye strain one and  crapola dealing one I
already have in place.  Oh yeah, I also have a cavity so when I drink
something really cold, I also get a headache from that...does that ocunt?

12.  I have now had the honor of meeting in person several wonderful people
from this list:  Mary Bacon, Stu Pelcyger, Jeff ?, Janine Shea, Buddy, Greg
Legowski, and I met the Disetronic rep here in NY who belongs to the list (is
your name Steve???).  If these people are representative of the rest of you
guys...we have got one AWESOME group here!  I hope to add YOU to my list
soon...Another meeting of the NYC area pumpers will be scheduled soon

Ok - I am up to the digest on Dec. 30...that is enough for now.  Hope all is
well wiht everyone...more to come later, I am sure you can't wait

age 30something, dxed 1974, age 10 (you do the math, smartie pants), pumping
since february 93   *-)=B xoxx~~~[507]
      and that means:  sara with her bloody eye, cute smile (see photo in IP
web site), long neck, droopy boobs, ugly scar around my belly button, which I
actually managed to tan AROUND while in Florida - interesting effect..., and
my trusty 507 currently attached by a short tube.  OH and by the way.  I have
been wearing hte pump in my SIDE as opposed to my belly since thanksgiving and
have noticed a slight decrease in the hypertrophy, though not all that blubber
is hypertrophy...some of it is just blubber.  AND for those who are keeping
track, my workouts are down to $11.29
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/