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Re: [IP] Appearance of DMers

At 05:28 PM 1/5/1999  Natalie A. Sera wrote:
>Sam Skopp wrote:
>> I think that there is a persistent stereotype as to how a diabetic is
>> supposed to look (very thin, pale & sickly).
>Huh??? I thought the stereotype was that all DMers are supposed to be
>fat and sedentary. Mostly because of all the PR about Type 2, which is
>by far the more common. 

OK, I guess there are two stereotypes. The type 1 stereotype derives from
how type 1 diabetics often looked before insulin became available. Back
then you virtually starved yourself and exercised a lot to try to keep your
BG's down as low as possible. The type 2 stereotype comes from the
overweight person who supposedly "caught" diabetes by eating too many
sweets. I think that it mainly comes from the fact that many type 2's are
older and as we get older our weight tends to go up. 

>But even Type 2's are not all fat -- nor are Type 1's all skinny -- when
>your BGs are under control, your body is going to be the shape it was
>genetically destined to be, which is the same range of shapes as in the
>general population. 

That's why stereotypes of any kind are bad. It's like trying to describe
the average person. Yes, someone out there will match the profile, but
there will be a huge amount of variations on both sides of the middle.


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