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Re: [IP] Another wierd story!

Lisa Olson wrote:
> This is not about me, per se, but I met a young woman this summer who saw my pump and asked about it.  I explained to her what it was and that I had diabetes.  She said "Oh, so do I.  I used to take insulin shots, but not any more.  I guess I just outgrew it."  >:-}  OUTGREW IT!  We were in a large group of people, so I am not sure if she might be trying to get attention or make me look bad or what, but I was so shocked by the comment that I didn't say anything or ask any questions.  Please tell
> P.S.  She also said that she has lots of kidney problems.  HMMMM!

Well, I can think of four possibilities:

One, she might have had Type 2, which is being diagnosed more and more
frequently in teenagers. In which case, she could have gone off shots,
but still had DM and been out of control and that might be causing the
kidney problems. 

Or, she might have had "Atypical diabetes" which is found mostly in
blacks, in which a child presents in ketoacidosis, but then seems to go
away a while later -- and usually comes back as Type 2 in adulthood.

Or she might have been misdiagnosed in the first place -- hopefull rare,
but it does happen!

Or maybe she was thinking of allergy shots.

Take your pick, and maybe all of them are wrong!


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