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Re: [IP] Sites/Leg Thing

>>Two things:
1.  Do other people use their abdomen ABOVE their waist?  I've only been 
using the area below my navel for the past 2 1/2 years of pumping and am 
looking to extend my range, so to speak.  I have not yet tried anything 
"behind" me.
>I hardly ever use under my navel because of the pant waist irritates it 
buti do use to the sides and a little over also i use my "behind" area 
and it works great.

I use mostly my "love handles"(I really hate to admit them!).  When I 
use the front of my AB I use the places next to the navel.

I also use my hips and "behind" quite often.

>>2.  I often use the leg thing from Unique.  Mostly when wearing skirts 
(I wear them long).  Have not tried the thigh thing yet, although I have 
one. Most of the time, though, I put my pump on my belt in its black 
case. People ask why I am wearing two beepers (my MD one is on the other 
side). I am always surprised that they didn't seem to notice the tubing 
coming out of my waist!

When I wear a long skirt i hang a little bag down to my thigh, which 
works pretty well.

>This has also happened to me since i often wear my beeper for the 
hospital when i am on call..  But for some reason at work no matter how 
well i tuck that tubing in it seems to jump out and snagg on everything 
on my "lucky days" ha ha
I use a pocket for most other days.  The few times I've used a belt I've 
found the D to be worse regarding tubing sticking out than the MM is.

>>Ellen, MD
>>PS - My talk is in two days.  Wish me luck!
>Good luck

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