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Re: [IP] Sites/Leg Thing

Ellen: I have been pumping since Sept. 98.. and I use the area about the waist..
had no problems.. I find my abdomen get sore (maybe jeans too tight)at
times..they have said on the pumpers site that you can use all the areas that
you used to use with injections..still pretty new at all this stuff..and still

Johnson, Dr. Ellen wrote:

> Two things:
> 1.  Do other people use their abdomen ABOVE their waist?  I've only been
> using the area below my navel for the past 2 1/2 years of pumping and am
> looking to extend my range, so to speak.  I have not yet tried anything
> "behind" me.
> 2.  I often use the leg thing from Unique.  Mostly when wearing skirts (I
> wear them long).  Have not tried the thigh thing yet, although I have one.
> Most of the time, though, I put my pump on my belt in its black case.
> People ask why I am wearing two beepers (my MD one is on the other side).  I
> am always surprised that they didn't seem to notice the tubing coming out of
> my waist!
> Ellen, MD
> PS - My talk is in two days.  Wish me luck!
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