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Re: [IP] Re: has this ever happened with anyone (really annoying

On  4 Jan 99 at 16:55, Brian Carter wrote:

> I went to Denny's Last night to eat and told the person that gets the drinks
> that i want a diet coke and i sat there for about a minute hearing him tell
> me i don't need a "diet" not wanting him to feel bad when i told him i was
> diabetic (this happened once before the lady i thought was going to break in
> tears while trying to appologize). Then once I did he then tried to convence
> me that i couldn't be a diabetic i turned to him and kindly said "you mean i
> have been shoving this needle in me for the past 7 years for nothing??" he
> then turned and walked away ha ha..

I've told people that I just like Diet Coke...  must be a regional thing because around here more 
people drink Diet Coke than the real thing...  

> One other think that happens alot is that people offer me something REAL
> sweet and i turn them down because i am diabetic when they ask and they keep
> trying to appologize and i just say " don't appologize i would only be hurt
> if you didn't offer in the first place".

I don't make an issue of it - if I want to eat it I try to figure out an appropriate bolus, and if 
the estimate doesn't scare me off I eat it.  If I don't want to eat it I just say "No thanks.  I'm 
not hungry at the moment."  

Most people don't know how to act when they find out you have diabetes.  I don't go out of my way 
to hide it, but I also try not to make a big issue of it.  There are lots of reasons people want 
diet drinks and turn down candy.  If someone gets real pushy about sweets I generally ask if they 
are getting a commision based on the amount they get people to eat - humor can cover a lot of 
uncomfortable situations...  and sometimes if they won't stop after that I'll tell them that I 
don't really want to take the extra insulin that eating their snack would require...  that rarely 
happens because most people accept the fact that you just don't want it...

Randall P. Winchester
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