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Re: [IP] hospital visit

I hear than but now that i work at the hospital that this happened i now get
the chance to talk to all newly diagnosed diabetics and there family, i like
this alot.. and so far the best one has been one of my teachers that just
had a stroke and diagnosed with type 1 at the same time.. now after the
years of teaching one of his students gets to return the favor..

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Date: Tuesday, January 05, 1999 10:38 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] hospital visit

>Hi Brian,
>I was in the hospital this past July for 3 weeks.  NOBODY there had EVER
>a pump in person.  The Doctors were great, for me to be in total control of
>the pump.
>This one night though, I crashed really bad(had just hooked back up to the
>pump after surgery) and the nurse insisted that i disconnect form the pump.
>explained over and over that I was not to do that!  She finally called the
>and he said that I knew exactly what to do. Soooo, the pump control was
>totally up to me.  I run into this all the time, medical prefessionals not
>knowing about the pump, or "thinking " that they do, and DONT!
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