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Re: [IP] Morning Rise


>What I'm actually wondering is whether it's possible to time pump basal
>precisely enough that the higher basal for the dawn effect is there to
>help moderate the breakfast rise, and then cuts out to a much lower
>basal to help avoid the crash. 
>Or to put the question more simply, how precise can you be with the
>pump? I can already tell you that it's not possible to be all that
>precise with N overnight!!!!

Yes, you can be very precise.  You can set any basal profile to start on
any hour or half hour, and last as long as you specify.  The tricky part
comes in identifying just when to make the change from one rate to another.
 Basal testing is crucial, can be tedious, but is definitely worth it.
You'll get MUCH better results than with NPH!

Mary Jean

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