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Re: [IP] Re: has this ever happened with anyone (r

At 08:53 AM 1/5/1999  Brian Carter wrote:
>The thing about this mostly is that this is a small town and i have seen him
>several times  every month and when you are a regular at a place here which
>i am in several i guess they get to be a little curious.
>I don't mind that people know about it. the thing that got me was that he
>did not beleave me.. that was the shock.. i think my friend that was with me
>was a little more upset..

I think that there is a persistent stereotype as to how a diabetic is
supposed to look (very thin, pale & sickly). Have you ever gotten the
response: "funny, you don't look diabetic..." As if you could really pick
out a diabetic from the crowd, just by looking. This is an educational issue. 

Isn't it amazing? We look just like everyone else. Wow! <grin>

(who wishes he could be thin....)

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