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Re: [IP] Re: has this ever happened with anyone (r

At 10:47 PM 1/4/1999  Brian Carter wrote:
>True true I could of but he was just being strange and tring to be friendly
>i guess..

Maybe I'm also just strange, but I think that's an awfully weird way of
being friendly. But then, of course, the overall tone of the conversation
is important... and since I wasn't there, I don't know the context. But the
fact that you even wrote about it, shows that it bothered you. Upsetting
customers is not a good way of staying in business.

I was thinking that if a 350lb person came in and ordered a pie, would a
comment or strange look from an restaurant employee ever be appropriate? Of
course not. There are people that are allergic to lots of foods. Their food
orders would be tailored to their own needs and should not be subject to
question by the restaurant staff (as long as they could be accomodated).

The order taker should never question why you are ordering something unless
it is just not available. Their job is to make you feel comfortable and
satisfied with the service. I hope you did NOT leave a tip.


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