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Re: [IP] Coming down from high and Lispro

Ted Wrote:
> > > <We throw away a vial after it has
> > > been open for 30 days.>
> > >
> > > Do you do this if it's kept in the fridge?  The package insert says
> > > it should be good for 28 days at room temp., and I took that to mean
> > > that it's fine if it's in the fridge for longer???  I guess my
> > > bottle is generally empty by the end of 30 days. 
> > Ely Lilly company says all their insulins loose 1 - 2 % potency per
> > month at room temperature. MUCH less if refrigerated. It doesn't
> > matter if they are open or not, that does not enter into the
> > deterioration, it is a question of sterility.
> Michael
> I always understood it was caused by the effects of temperature,
> hence the reference above to "28 days at room temp." Besides which,
> how would sterility change in an unopened vial?

There is no reason to throw away a vial of insulin that has a potency 
drop of 1 - 2 %. The ONLY reason would be compromised sterility. I'm 
not implying that this would or has occured, just that it would be 
the only reason that was close to making sense. A 'properly' stored 
vial should be fine until it is used up, even if it takes a couple of 
months. One can not draw or administer insulin with 1-2% accuracy so 
a drop of potency of that magnitude is meaningless. Actually getting 
the vial warm/hot for hours or more is an entirely different 
question. It would not be wise for instance to store it in the window 
of the bathroom. I know you know this, just explaining my thinking.

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