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Re: [IP] Morning Rise

> What I'm actually wondering is whether it's possible to time pump
> basal precisely enough that the higher basal for the dawn effect is
> there to help moderate the breakfast rise, and then cuts out to a
> much lower basal to help avoid the crash. 
> Or to put the question more simply, how precise can you be with the
> pump? I can already tell you that it's not possible to be all that
> precise with N overnight!!!!
Oh, you can be very precise. However, how precise is your wake-up 
time. Be a real bummer to sleep in while that extra basal is cranking 
in and wake up late from a crash on a nice weekend.

A better solution might be to quantify the morning breakfast rise and 
do a fixed bolus upon waking. My daughter did this for about a year 
or so until the she grew out of that phase. She no longer has the 
wake up bg rise.

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