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Re: [IP] Yet another sanfoo


I sure empathize with what you're going through.  I have found, and it's been more
in the last couple of years with insurance changes etc., that the diabetes is a
piece of cake, it's dealing with all the blankety blankety rules, people,
insurance companies, doctors, nurses, etc. that make it so difficult.  It took me
eight phone calls, three trips to the pharmacists, and a few tears to get a box of
strips.  It's crazy out there.  I'll take the diabetes, but I just don't get why
it's so difficult to get the "stuff" we need.  I think it's pretty sad that the
trainer is not willing to come out to you.  I know I may get slam blasted for
this, but can you train yourself on the mechanics and just go into the hospital
under your doctors orders?  Good Luck and my thoughts are with you.


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