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Re: [IP] Morning Rise

Michael wrote:
> I would think the butter/cream cheese would moderate the highly
> refined flour in the bagel, but ...... you might consider switching
> to something like whole wheat toast which takes longer to digest, or
> good old frosted flakes or something like that. The problem is the
> highly refined flours used in some kinds of cereals and breads.

Mmmm, I already tried cereal, but not frosted flakes! I did read the
message about sugary cereals actually being SLOWER than non-sugared ones
-- I think it's worth a try! :)

What I'm actually wondering is whether it's possible to time pump basal
precisely enough that the higher basal for the dawn effect is there to
help moderate the breakfast rise, and then cuts out to a much lower
basal to help avoid the crash. 

Or to put the question more simply, how precise can you be with the
pump? I can already tell you that it's not possible to be all that
precise with N overnight!!!!


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