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Re: [IP] Coming down from high and Lispro

	Refirgerated insulin is good up to the expiration date, usually 6
monthes to a year after you purchase it.  I routinely buy a 6 months supply
of Humalog, and have never notice any problem with potency after many
months in the fridge.  Even after a month at room temperature, one would be
hard pressed to notice a 1 to 2% loss of potency.   We all have unexpected
highs for various mysterious reasons (insulin gremlins?), but bad insulin
has to be way way down at the bottom of the list of possibilities.
	So save money, and don't throw away those 1 month old vials (or
send them to someone who needs insulin--like those kids in Russia).

<We throw away a vial after it has
been open for 30 days.>


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