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Re: [IP] GlucoPilot for PalmPilot?

> Can anyone that currently uses this setup
> comment on how useful it is?

I have GlucoPilot.  It is good software.
When I am logging it is really nice since 
I almost always have my palm with me.  Data
entry is easy.  It has a line chart and
a pie chart that provide good information.
It doesn't allow recording of basal rate
information.  There is no pc version, the
only way to get the data out of it is to
export to a memo, save the memo on the pc
and write a program to read the data.  Any
comments entered in GlucoPilot will not be
transferred when exporting the data to a

> differences/advantages between using the
> Palm III & the Palm Professional

GlucoPilot will run on either.  I bought the
Palm III because I felt the extra memory was
worth the extra cost.  My experience is that
I need the extra memory.  There is a lot of
nice software for the Palm family.

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