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Re: Insulin for Protein was [IP] Homemade meals

> Meat does has have a few carbs but
> you have to eat quite a lot of it
> to get a whole unit of insulin.
> An ounce of turkey has, I think
> 2-3 carbs.

The dietician/cde told me that meals
with "normal" carb/protein ratios
don't need insulin for the protein
but high protein meals do.  She said
that calculating 4 gm of carbs per
ounce of meat is a good starting
place and that some of the insulin
probably needs to be given after the
meal.  Her advice was to take the
"starting" point and figure out what
works for me.  The 4 gm of carbs 
per ounce is pretty good for me but
I have to break that up into 2 or 3

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