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[IP] GlucoPilot for PalmPilot


I use the palmPilot for work and personally and I love.  I got the
GlucoPilot software and don't use it.  The major drawback to me is that
it doesn't synch with the PC so everything but be entered directly into
the PalmPilot.  And that thing is small to work with.  I'll use it that
way for things done on the road, but it is too agravating to use on an
ongoing basis.  

Having said that I should add that they are working on the problem.  The
DietLog now has an experimental PC link which is nice.  Just remember
experimental is the key word.  I'm trying it out now.

If you are comtemplating buying the PalmPilot just for the GlucoPilot, I
would call it an expensive log book.  If your lifestyle demands a good
organizer and your tired of needing a backpack to carry a big enough
one, then the PalmPilot is a great investment.  I opted for the
professional not the III.  Had everything I needed, memory can be
increased (haven't had to).  Oh, I work for a small bank, handle
commercial lending, residential lending and whatever else is necessary. 
Use the contacts, scheduling and to do list extensively and haven't
really put a dent in the memory.

Hope this helps
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