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Re: [IP] Diabetes Camp

Diane Massey:

I think the age of the camp counselors have to be atleast 18.  at the time i
went i just turned 21 but had the option to apply at 18.  I think that the
only volunteers were the DR.s and possibly the nurses.
Me after i got the job and received the packet was when i found out that we
got paid.  the camp i helped at ran for a week. we meet on a saterday and
the kids came on sunday and we all left on the next sunday.  The camp itself
ran all summer hosting all kinds of camps.  at the camp i think there were 2
non diabetics which we allowed to come to learn about and possible help
there brother or sister which had diabetes. I am glad to say that all the
employes and kids got a free Advantage metter and ALOT of insulin that was
donated to the camp.  but me since humalog was newer not enough was sent for
me to take any home, but the other that were on shots got atleast a years
supply and also several insulin pens were given away..

Any other questions please ask

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Subject: [IP] Diabetes Camp

>Brian -
>How old does a camp counselor need to be?  Are there volunteers and paid
>counselors?  Is the commitment only for the diabetes camp (if the site is
>used for others also)?  or is it for the whole summer?
>Diane Massey
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