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Re: [IP] Humalog - Velosulin

Yiannis Kasidas wrote:
> I am Yiannis Kasidas and I am glad to find this list. I have been using a
> MiniMed 507 for the last seven months,

Hello, Yiannis, I'm glad you found us.

> I began pumpign last June (Velosulin) and in Octomber I switched to Humalog
> (realy perfect).
> In September my basal rate requirements were increased (16 units in
> 24hours,now 20).
> Some times I have to change every twenty or twenty five days the basal rate
> (+ or -),whithout any important activities change.

Yes, there are several things that can happen, such as being worried about 
something, which raises your blood glucose (bg) levels, or may lower them.
If you are having a really fast bad problem it raises them, if it's a constant
long term problem it may lower them. 

> And the last, sometimes I have unexpected highs (no air in catheter) which
> become normal whith the next bolus.

Are you using a small basal rate before the bolus that improves your next test?
Sometimes a very small bolus may not flow well and it is cleared by the next

> For example this morning,my BG reading was 121mg/dl, I gave a bolus and ate
> my breakfast and at noon
> the reading  was 204!!!. It happens many times!!!.

Boluses in the morning for breakfast can do that. Many people find they need to
bolus a lot more for breakfast than for the same amount of food at other times,
it's called "Dawn Phenomenon". It's also made worse by eating carbohydrates
such as bread or cereal for breakfast. 

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/