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[IP] RE: Scales

I bought mine from Edmund Scientific.  It cost about $125,
but I'm very happy with it.  It is part # V33-066.

Edmund Scientific


<<<Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 19:01:04 -0600
From: "Bagwill Family" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] scales

I would like to get some sites from all of you that sell
scales for weighing
out my food.  I cannot get the carbo counting down by
eyeballing what I make
so I need to get a scale but have no idea where to even
start looking.  It
doesn't have to be fancy in fact the simpler (cheaper) the
better because of
budget problems.  Thank you.

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/