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Re: [IP] scales

The most durable and reliable would be a rotary dial food scale available 
from most restruant supply firms. Check the yellow pages and let your 
fingers do the walking. The scale should be calibrated in both pounds/oz 
and grams. They're made by Pelouze

Other electronic scales will do the job also. They are small and light 
but require power or batteries and are not quite as "bullet proof" as the 
mechanical scales.


On Mon, 4 Jan 1999, Bagwill Family wrote:

> I would like to get some sites from all of you that sell scales for weighing
> out my food.  I cannot get the carbo counting down by eyeballing what I make
> so I need to get a scale but have no idea where to even start looking.  It
> doesn't have to be fancy in fact the simpler (cheaper) the better because of
> budget problems.  Thank you.
> Leslie
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