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[IP] Morning Rise

Michael wrote:

> Don't get to happy. Sometimes a bg rise like dawn is triggered when you
> first eat in the morning. If you have this, it usually doesn't matter
> what you eat, there is a fixed rise in addition to the carbo rise. This
> type of thing can be affected by how well you have rested, the time you
> get up if it is different from day to day (weedkays/weekends), etc... If
> studied, the phenomena can be isolated and quantified so it is
> predictiable, but it IS THERE for some.

My biggest problem is rise and crash. I have a dawn effect to begin
with, and then if I eat anything at all for breakfast, I go high, only
to crash at around 11 AM if I don't eat a snack. And I HATE snacking!

The is one of the things I hope the pump will solve -- breakfast has
always been my favorite meal -- I WANT to eat a good breakfast, but it's

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