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Re: [IP] Coming down from high

I always change sides--mostly so the pockets of my jeans wear out 
evenly:-)  Well, I actually like to give the one side of my body a 
complete rest, especially if it was a sore site.  And telling where the 
last site was. . .I always end up with bumps that last for a couple of 
weeks. I hope you don't!

>When you change sites, do you go to a completely new area?  Meaning if 
you were
>using the right side of your stomach to you move to the left?  The 
reason I ask
>is I have changed sites but only within an inch or two in the same 
area.  I had
>to stay in same area for a while because when I moved from one side to 
another I
>couldn't tell where the last site was.
>> I have been pumping a year now and whenever this happens to me I 
>> change sets,  doing so will always correct the blood sugars. My 
>> are that whenever i have several unexplained high blood sugars then 
there is
>> a problem with the site.
>> Carol
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