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Re: [IP] Re: High-Gly foods and Breakfast

On Mon, 4 Jan 1999, Bonnie RICHARDSON wrote:

> How wonderful to have this news.....I have gone nuts trying to figure out why my bowl of plain oatmeal in the morning requires a bolus of 7 and any other food with same make up, eaten later in day requires only 3- 4 units.  I have tried so many things to understand this.  I thought the dawn phenomenon just lasted through mid morning.  Thank you for sharing this bit of education...love this list!
> Bonnie
Don't get to happy. Sometimes a bg rise like dawn is triggered when you 
first eat in the morning. If you have this, it usually doesn't matter 
what you eat, there is a fixed rise in addition to the carbo rise. This 
type of thing can be affected by how well you have rested, the time you 
get up if it is different from day to day (weedkays/weekends), etc... If 
studied, the phenomena can be isolated and quantified so it is 
predictiable, but it IS THERE for some.

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