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Re: [IP] dressings and skin preps

I rub my site with alcohol pads(usually 2), let it dry, then use a 
rapid.  Sometimes I've used a type of tape(rectangular-I don't remember 
the name now) as a cover, but rapid tape is pretty tough and lasts me 
for 3 days, at least.
17, IDDM 12 years, Dpump 1.4yrs

>From: "Julie Britt" <email @ redacted>

>What kinds of skin preps and dressings do you all use?  We got some 
>samples with my pump, but now we have to order some and there are so 
>many choices... the rep suggested using preps with a little stickiness, 
>but I'm not sure what the name of it is.  Also, should we expect 
>insurance to pay for these things?  
>Julie Britt

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