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Re: [IP] Disetronic pump looks like a pager

Disetronic buttons stick out so when I have my pump in my pocket or 
stuck somewhere else I just feel through the material.

>Unique Accessories supplies some little paste on plastic bumps that you 
>put on the ACT and audio bolus buttons.  These let you feel and press 
>buttons through most anything.  It should work with the thigh thing.  I
>rarely look at the pump anymore to bolus.
><My Mom got me the Thigh thing for Christmas, and I have only worn it 
maybe 5
><times.  It is difficult to Bolus, you have to go to the restroom, 
unless you
><feel comfortable sticking your hands down your pants in public.  But 
for me I
><like it because I don't have the pump hanging off my pants, and when I 
><drawstring pants it doesn't weight them down.
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