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[IP] Re: has this ever happened with anyone (really annoying)

I went to Denny's Last night to eat and told the person that gets the drinks
that i want a diet coke and i sat there for about a minute hearing him tell
me i don't need a "diet" not wanting him to feel bad when i told him i was
diabetic (this happened once before the lady i thought was going to break in
tears while trying to appologize). Then once I did he then tried to convence
me that i couldn't be a diabetic i turned to him and kindly said "you mean i
have been shoving this needle in me for the past 7 years for nothing??" he
then turned and walked away ha ha..

One other think that happens alot is that people offer me something REAL
sweet and i turn them down because i am diabetic when they ask and they keep
trying to appologize and i just say " don't appologize i would only be hurt
if you didn't offer in the first place".

Brian Carter

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