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[IP] Yet another sanfoo

Well, I thought that I was going to be "placed" on Wednesday but I found out
otherwise today....  It seems Insulin Infusion Specialties, who is under
contract from CIGNA (my HMO) cannot find a trainer for me in this area.  It
also seems that no one wants to help them(IIS) either i.e. Secure Care who has
trainers in the area.  I have gotten the royal run around today.  

First I got a call last week from Mini-Med in Atlanta telling me they had
received a call from IIS looking for a trainer.  I had already scheduled the
hospital stay with my doctor, diabetic educator, the hospital, my work, my
husbands work and best of all my cat.  I find out today that there is no
trainer available.  From various sources I also found out that the ONE that
they do have in this "area" refuses to come the distance.  IIS however assured
me that they have "3" calls out to people (trainers) and they are just waiting
to hear back from them..


It has taken me almost 10 months to actually get the pump due to fighting with
Tri-Care and finally getting it through CIGNA HMO of all things....  I finally
have it and now can't get it "placed" due to this problem.

The endo I am seeing requires that you stay in  the hospital for 23 hours to
get adjusted etc etc...  So the trainer, the educator, the doctor and me have
to get this all coordinated...

Any suggestions, prayers, help.  I am going to draft a letter to the
Founder/CEO of IIS tonite and fax it in the morning if I don't get any

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