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[IP] Re: one thing i think all need to do

One think i think all new and even experenced pumpers and diabetics need to
do (sorry younger the better for this 18-25 works best for the younger kids)
is to go to  a diabetic camp not as a camper but a counciler. I was lucky
enough to get picked by the ADA (New Mexico chapter) to go to the diabetic
camp last summer near Santa Fe, NM.
This was a great experience out of all of us that got hired (not medical
staff) 3 i think out of 12 were all diabetics. Me i had the 8 year olds 10
of them(talk about nerve recking, but i loved it).  there were only 2
pumpers there including me the other person had a MM, which we talked some
about.  the best think about this camp is that besides the obvous part of
the diabetic part (shots and finger tests) we ate more junk food (milk
shakes, smores, fruit roll ups) than i have ever in a long time, also we ate
more than i ever have.. ha ha.  in my cabin there were 5 hired hands (3
hired by the camp for the summer to run the activites, and 2 by ADA , i was
the only one famillar with diabetes and only one that new what to do incase
of a real bad Low)..  The only thing the the others (the 3 hired by the
camp) didn't like was the strict attitude we had to have inorder to get
shots and finger sticks out of the way.  Well i better stop my rambling
before this letter is 5 pages long.. but first One think i found that the
kids were surprised about was that "grown ups" if thats what you call me (21
yrs old) (i still feel like a kid) also have highs and lows.. they were
shocked when mine suger hit 300 one afternoon (quickly fixed)

Brian Carter.

If anyone has a question about a diabetic camp please ask i may be able to
find the asnwer you are looking for.

I have many people i can ask..

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