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[IP] Humalog - Velosulin

I am Yiannis Kasidas and I am glad to find this list. I have been using a
MiniMed 507 for the last seven months,
whith very good resaults ,but I want to ask some questions and mark some
I began pumpign last June (Velosulin) and in Octomber I switched to Humalog
(realy perfect).
In September my basal rate requirements were increased (16 units in
24hours,now 20).
Some times I have to change every twenty or twenty five days the basal rate
(+ or -),whithout any important
activities change.
And the last, sometimes I have unexpected highs (no air in catheter) which
become normal whith the next bolus.
For example this morning,my BG reading was 121mg/dl, I gave a bolus and ate
my breakfast and at noon
the reading  was 204!!!. It happens many times!!!.

   I wish you good health and huppy 1999.
 Yiannis Kasidas
 email @ redacted
my addres is:Agia Larisas
                           400 03
 (I hope you will excuse me for my English)