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Re: [IP] Y2K and medical supplies

On  3 Jan 99 at 11:13, Dan & Lisa Diener wrote:

> BUT, if something does happen WE plan to
> be ready.  However, I still worry about the possibility of the pump, he
> has a 507C, goint beserk in the year 2000.  Are you any of you guys also
> buying N or U insulin just incase that happens?  Are the pumps Y2K
> compatable????????

The pumps are all Y2k compliant - the 507 and earlier don't know what year it 
is so they will continue to work OK.  The 507C is compliant according to 
MiniMed.  I think Disetronic has also put out statements that their pumps are 
Y2k compliant...

I'm personally more concerned about an earthquake than Y2k problems since it's 
only a few miles to the New Madrid fault...  so we try to have supplies and 
stuff for a while in case the big one hits.  

Randall P. Winchester
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