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[IP] RE:more transplant stuff

Hi bonnie,
I read your comments about your sister. That's fantastic.
I'm not sure about the exact #'s now but I think 20+ years with a kidney
transplant are getting more common. But just like managing diabetes it does
take work and commitment. The pancreas transplants have not been around as
long but I know folks that have had the operation in the late 80's and are
doing great. Also the anti-rejection drugs are being improved all the time.
Like anything though peoples mileage varies with the drugs and how their
body handles them. The transplant is probably not for someone with little or
no complications but if your starting to really see some complications then
it is definitely worth getting info on to be able to know all your options.
I know once a diabetic is on dialysis it's in most cases a matter of time
before some really bad things start happening. I was told once my kidneys
went [which was very fast] that I was not going to live 6 months on
dialysis. Then again that was me. I know of diabetics that survive ok on
dialysis. As always ymmv.
I did not have to wait on the kidney transplant it was donated by my kid
sis. The pancreas I waited 10 months from the time I was listed. Different
parts of the country have different wait times. I know folks that have had
theirs much quicker and some waited a lot longer.  And other factors such as
blood and health are also involved.
I'm in no way an expert on this subject but just wanted to share a little of
my experience's. I know I feel better today than I can ever remember in my
life. I was diagnosed with the "d" at 14 and had my pancreas tran 5-30-98 at
Stay healthy and happy,
Barry Bruce
email @ redacted
ICQ 10047360
IM Username: barrybruce
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