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Re: [IP] Re: Accu Chek Software-Is it worth it??

I think it is pretty similar.  The problem I had though was that the first 2 or
3 cables they sent didn't work on my computer end.  Then, the fourth one seemed
to, but didn't.  The last one, which worked had a little box that lit up
inbetween the computer part of the cable and the meter when data was being
downloaded.  I thought we had a reasonably standard a little old 486, but for
whatever reason no go.  The last set of software they sent came with 4
different cables in the box.  I'm not sure this info helps much.

email @ redacted wrote:

>      Ruth,
>      What does the cable look like for the AccuChek Complete - Accutility
>      connection?  Does it plug into the calibration chip slot, or the round
>      hole?  I have the Camit software and Accuchek Advantage cable, and
>      wonder if the cable is the same for the Complete.
>      Thanks!
>      -David W.
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