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Re: [IP] Fwd: Placement



I am also a restless sleeper.  17 years later 2-3 nights a week the pump still
drives me crazy!!!  However, much of the time I just learn to move it around with
me.  If you sleep heavily, you may get all twisted up and all you will need to
learn to do is to untangle yourself as you stand up.  Worst case scenario (not
common but can happen) is you pull it out altoghter in which case you simply put
a new set in.

> 1.  Sleep-I am a very restless sleeper, I toss and turn and roll all the
> time....  What would be the best way to handle this with the pump???
> 2.  Skin-I have extremely sensitive skin and have a great fear of getting a
> rash or something from the tape.  Any suggestions???

Yes!  Don't use much or any skin prep (just soap and water), don't use EMLA
cream, and especially don't use the adhesive remover stuff.  When you take a
shower take a soft scrubber -- one of those nylon things -- and with gentle soap
scrub the adhesive remains off.  If you leave the old adhesive on it will
eventually irritate your skin.

> 3.  If your not hungry at lunch time do you have to eat or at any other time
> of the day and how does that affect your #'s both BG and Insulin?

Nope.  Never.  Your basals should be set so that if you went without eating (I'm
not recommending that but if) your bg would be level.  You only bolus to eat and
you only eat if you bolus.

> 4.  I walk and do some exercise tapes, will the site get irritated from me
> moving around a lot and sweating?????

Not much.  Some people have trouble with tape coming off from sweat (I don't
usually).  I do find the needles start to sometimes get sore from certain kinds
of exercise.  There are a lot of variables though going on here and for the site
to hurt from exercising requires 4 or 5 of them to match.  If your exercise is
very regular you will soon learn strategies that work better and worse for needle

> 5.  If you don't eat any carbs in a meal or snack do you have to bolus?

This is one of those YMMV ones.  There is a tiny bit of carb in many fat and
protein foods.   Depending on how low your carb:insulin ratio is, they may or may
not make a difference.  Some people do cover protein as well -- they see a bg
rise and need to compensate for it.  Basically, in theory, no, but you may end up
finding you need a small percentage of a unit or something.


Best of luck!

> I think that's it for now...  I loved the comment Jan made about the pump and
> the mother ship I will definitely use it!!!!
> Heather

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