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Re: [IP] Cheap Training.......

Both Kathy and the other guy (sorry I forgot his name but I do know that he has
his own vineyard,...) will do this as well as have local CDE's do this when they
can't fly out.

email @ redacted wrote:

> Laura got her pump a few months ago and I don't know if this is standard
> procedure or not but our training was included in the price of the pump.  We
> were not charged extra for the 3 hour training session, nor did our Endo
> charge any extra except normal fees for a follow-up visit.
> Interestingly enough the trainer was the pump rep who flew in from Dallas to
> Tulsa to do this for us.    We went with the Distronic pump and Disetronic
> accepted the negotiated rate with Aetna for the pump - $4200.00.  Hearing all
> this makes me appreciate her all the more...
> Sherri
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