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[IP] Re: High-Gly foods and Breakfast

     Dear Brad and everyone,
        I just learned from my team at Joslin that most of us are VERY
     insulin-resistant in the morning. I've had to adjust my 
     carb-counting ratio to really deal with this. My ratio is 1 unit 
     per every 6 grams carb at breakfast, whereas the rest of the day I 
     use a 1:10 ratio. 
        The funny thing is, when I'm in my menstrual cycle (sorry guys, 
     but if this info can help any other women, it's important), I have 
     to use that normal carb ratio (1:10) again at breakfast because 
     otherwise I'll get super-low if I stay on the 1:6.
        What a bizarre and beautiful thing the body is.
     Siana, 24 y/o
     Type I, 15 years
     MM 507c pump, 2 months

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