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Re: [IP] Coming down from high

> All of a sudden I am really struggling with High Blood Sugars.  I
> did a twelve hour fast and based on those results my basel rates
> were adjusted.  

Could be a number of things. Here are some ideas, let us know.

The usual phase of the moon lady thing, read Mary Jeans FAQ on 
menstruation and bg's

Couch potato-ites that comes with the holidays. Lily's basal 
requirements went up 20% the day winter break started and nicely went 
back down again Saturday when she had her first soccer practice in 2 
weeks. This is the 'norm' for her and represents 0.2u/hr change at 
night. With a corresponding increase in bolus amounts for meals.

Site corruption - you may have become sensitized to H. If this is 
irregular, a sometime thing, try changing the set or using an 
injection to bring down a high. If that solves the problem, consider 
switching to an H/V mix.

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