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Re: [IP] insertion sites

> Today I changed my insertion site by myself for the first time (my
> mom has done it the last 2 times).  woo hoo!  I have a question
> though... how do you know if you hit a blood vessel?  I know this
> happened sometimes with shots.  What do you do if that happens? 
> Also, it hasn't hurt for me yet, but does anyone experience pain
> when inserting the needle?  Does it go away when you take the needle
> out?  Is there anything I could be doing to avoid pain before
> inserting the needle?  

Good Job !!!
 I assume your talking about Tenders. List members have reported that 
when it 'hurts' or 'bleeds' the site will probably go bad soon. I 
don't know, just passing it on. Hitting a small blood vessel is just 
bad luck and doesn't happen often. 
I can only tell you what Lily says, she's 15. You can numb the site 
easily before insertion by holding a baggie with 2-3 ice cubes in it 
on the spot for about 5 minutes before you prep. A cold soda can will 
do in a pinch. This works good for injections as well.

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